Modern Legal Training

We train lawyers at the world's best tech companies.


“Carefully tailored to the needs of companies like Tableau. Our entire team uses their checklists and tools near daily. Huge fans!”

Kelly Blazy, Associate General Counsel, Tableau Software

“Teaches highly complex concepts clearly and succinctly. An invaluable resource. Highly recommended!”

David Eramian, Intellectual Property Counsel, Stripe

"Great resource for onboarding new team members and ensuring everyone has a common understanding of our practice."

Virginia Badenhope, Head of Intellectual Property and Privacy, Atlassian

Our on-demand Episodes are available whenever you are. Training in technology transactions, legal aspects of open source and more.

Download a checklist, flowchart or other Tool provided with each Episode to help you put what you have learned directly into practice.

Ask questions and share best practices with fellow participants online or in-person in San Francisco at a Roundtable.