1. Do you offer CLE/MCLE?
    Yes, we offer CLE in various states for viewing complete Episodes. See the complete list below. Because Roundtable discussions are optional and vary in length, we do not offer CLE credits for Roundtable attendance. (Important: to earn credits, you must watch the “MCLE” version of the Episode.) Please note that we do not provide CLE/MCLE for free or trial Courses.
  2. What’s the difference between the “Bookmarks” and “MCLE” version of an Episode? When you purchase a subscription to a Course, you will receive access to two versions – one marked “Bookmarks” and the other “MCLE.”  The Bookmarks version allows you to navigate through the video by topic. If you are watching to earn credits, however, you must watch the “MCLE” version.
  3. Do you offer credits for all Courses in all states listed?
    No. Availability of credits differs from state to state and by Course, so please review the information for the state in which you are seeking credit carefully.
  4. Do you issue a certificate of completion?
    Yes. Once you complete watching an Episode, you will be asked to complete a brief survey (as required by many states) and then automatically issued a certificate.
  5. Do I need to report my credits to the state in which I am claiming credit?
    Yes. You are responsible for reporting credits earned on Smithline Training just as you would credits earned in any other manner.
  6. Do you report my attendance to the states?
    Only in the states where a provider is required to report attendance. Note, even where we do report, you must still independently report your attendance as you would with credits earned in any other manner.
  7. Can I get partial credit for Smithline Training courses?
    No. You must watch the entire Episode and submit the online survey in order to receive credit. No partial credit will be given for incomplete courses.
  8. Will you be adding additional states for MCLE?
    If you are in a state for which we do not issue credits, please let us know. We will consider adding additional states based on user demand. You should also check to see if your state offers credit for courses authorized in a state listed on this page. If so, contact us for additional information.
  9. Do you offer credit for free or trial Courses? No.

California MCLE

Smithline Training provides California general participatory MCLE credits for the following Courses:

  1. Understanding Open Source: .5 Hour
  2. Creating an Open Source Policy: 1.0 Hour
  3. Contributing to and Releasing Open Source: .5 Hour
  4. Indemnity in Software and SaaS Agreements: 1.0 Hour
  5. Performance Warranties in Software and SaaS Agreements: .5 Hour
  6. Copyright in Databases: .5 Hour
  7. Video Game Law: Are the Rules of a Game Now Copyrightable?: 1.0 Hour
  8. GDPR Primer for SaaS Companies: .5 Hour
  9. Selling Enterprise SaaS: Legal Issues from the Vendor Perspective: .5 Hour

California State Multi-Activity Provider Number: 18141
You must report your own attendance to the State Bar. Retain your certificate of attendance for at least one year after reporting. For full California MCLE requirements, visit the State Bar of California website: