Course Tag: Open Source

Episode 3: Contributing to and Releasing Open Source

In this third Episode in our Open Source Series, we identify the IP and legal risks of contributing or releasing open source and provide a three-question framework to help you evaluate contribution and release requests from your team. Specific Topics Big Picture: Open Source Projects – We explain how open source… Read More

Episode 1: Understanding Open Source

Use of open source software is ubiquitous, yet how the licenses work and the consequences of non-compliance are not widely understood. In this first Episode in our Open Source Series, we introduce open source licenses, divide them into easily understood categories, teach you how to provide attribution and explain the… Read More

Episode 2: Creating an Open Source Policy

In this second Episode in our Open Source Series, we teach you how to create and implement an open source policy. This program takes the perspective of counsel to a proprietary technology company, but should be useful to anyone trying to understand the legal implications of using and distributing open… Read More