Course Tag: Software/SaaS Deal

Performance Warranties in Software and SaaS Agreements

Using the UCC and consumer protection laws as background, we explain how performance warranties work at law and discuss best practices for implementing warranties in software and SaaS agreements. While we take the perspective of a technology vendor, we provide tips for customers as well. Specific Topics: Background Law –… Read More

Indemnity in Software and SaaS Agreements

Indemnity is usually one of the most heavily negotiated provisions in enterprise software and SaaS agreements. As a vendor, how should you decide when and how to indemnify your customers? As a customer, what should you ask for and expect from the vendor? Specific Topics What is Indemnity? We explore… Read More

Selling Enterprise SaaS: Legal Issues from the Vendor Perspective

Perhaps the two toughest challenges Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors face in negotiating legal terms with their enterprise customers are (1) persuading the customer to use the vendor’s (as opposed to the customer’s terms) and (2) limiting the scope of the vendor’s liability upon a data breach. In this… Read More