1. Do you offer CLE/MCLE?
    Yes, we offer CLE/MCLE in various states for viewing complete Episodes. See the complete list here. Because Roundtable discussions are optional and vary in length, we do not offer CLE/MCLE credits for Roundtable attendance. (Important: to earn credits, you must watch the “MCLE” version of the Episode.) We do not offer CLE/MCLE for free or trial Courses.


  1. What is included with each Course?
    Each Course consists of access to: (i) an on-demand video Episode, (ii) one or more related pdf checklists, example forms, presentation slides or other learning Tools, and (iii) a group discussion Roundtable.
  2. What’s the difference between the “Bookmarks” and “MCLE” version of an Episode? When you purchase a subscription to a Course, you will receive access to two versions – one marked “Bookmarks” and the other “MCLE.”  The Bookmarks version allows you to navigate through the video by topic. If you are watching to earn credits, however, you must watch the “MCLE” version.
  3. Can I share access to an Episode?
    No. Only the individual subscriber who purchased the subscription may view the Episode. If your colleagues are interested, we offer company and firm-wide subscriptions, just contact us.
  4. Will you be releasing more Courses?
    We hope to release more courses over time. With that said, if you are thinking of purchasing an Unlimited Subscription, you should make that decision based on the Courses available at the time of purchase.
  5. How do I suggest a topic for a future Course?
    If you have a topic you would like to see covered, please contact us.
  6. Who are your instructors?
    Our instructors are lawyers with deep domain experience in the areas in which they instruct. Please see complete bios here.
  7. Are you looking for additional instructors?
    If you have an expertise in a legal area relevant to technology companies and are interested in becoming an instructor, please contact us.
  8. Are non-lawyers welcome?
    Yes, everyone is welcome to take our Courses, lawyers and non-lawyers alike. We welcome folks from the business, marketing and engineering worlds, students and academics and the just plain curious.
  9. Are you a law firm?
    No. Smithline Training LLC is a professional training company offering legal education courses. Smithline Training does not provide legal advice and no attorney-client privilege is created when you attend our programs.


  1. What are the Tools?
    We provide downloadable checklists, example forms, presentation slides or other learning Tools with each Episode. These are provided in pdf format and can be found next to the Episode.
  2. Can I share your Tools?
    You may download and use any Tool provided with an Episode for your personal, non-commercial, educational use only. You may also share a Tool within your company or firm, provided you do not remove any copyright or other notices from the Tool. You may not use a Tool as part of any product or service you provide to any third-party or otherwise share a Tool with anyone else. If you have any questions about using or sharing Tools, please contact us.


  1. When are Roundtables available?
    You will see the schedule for each Roundtable once you have purchased a Course.
  2. How do Roundtables work?
    Participants log in to a group video chat and ask questions of the Instructor and share best practices with each other. The Instructor will ask you to submit questions in advance, but you are also free to raise new questions during the session. The Instructor will typically start with a very brief recap of key points from the Episode, but otherwise the discussion is driven by participant questions. When specified, we also offer in-person Roundtables in our office in San Francisco.
  3. How long do Roundtables last?
    Roundtables last up to one hour, depending on questions from the participants.
  4. Do I have to appear on video to participate in a Roundtable?
    No. You may turn off your camera and/or microphone during the session.
  5. Are Roundtables mandatory?
    No. Most participants tell us they enjoy and benefit from the Roundtables, but your attendance is completely voluntary.
  6. Do you offer CLE/MCLE for Roundtable attendance?
    No. Because Roundtable discussions are optional and vary in length, we do not offer CLE/MCLE credits for Roundtable attendance.
  7. Can you provide a Roundtable just for my company or firm?
    Yes, as a separate offering. If you are interested, please contact us.


  1. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
    We will refund any Per Course or Unlimited Subscription upon request to help@smithlinetraining.com within ten days of your purchase, provided you have not requested CLE credit. For more information, please see our Terms of Service.
  2. How long do subscriptions last?
    All subscriptions, whether Per Course or Unlimited, last for one year from purchase.
  3. What is the difference between a Per Course and Unlimited Subscription?
    A Per Course subscription provides access for one user to one Course (an Episode, the related Tool(s) and one Roundtable) for one year. An Unlimited Subscription provides access to all Courses we offer during your one year subscription term.
  4. If I purchase an Unlimited Subscription, will I be entitled to any additional Courses you release during my subscription term? Yes. However, we do not guarantee we will release additional Courses, so you should make your purchase decision based on the Courses available at the time of purchase.
  5. Do you offer a discount for students, non-profits or those who need financial aid?
    Yes. We offer students, academics and those working at nonprofits a 50% discount. We also offer a need based sliding scale discount from 25%-100%. Please contact us for further information.

Technical Support

  1. When/how are the Episodes available?
    Our Episodes are available to stream on-demand through this site. Note that Episodes are not downloadable so you must be connected to the Internet to access Episodes. The Episodes should be accessible through a web browser on most mobile devices, but are optimized for viewing on a desktop. If you need technical assistance, please contact us.
  2. Why can’t I fast forward while watching an Episode?
    If you are unable to fast forward while watching an Episode, it means you are watching the “MCLE” version. For the MCLE version we have disabled fast forward so that we may issue credits. If you are not interested in MCLE, then watch the “Bookmark” version which has full controls. If you do not see the Bookmark version under My Courses or have any other questions, please contact us.
  3. How can I log in?
    In the upper right corner, you will see the option to log in. Click on the icon and you will be prompted to give your username/email and password. Once you enter your username/email and password you will be able to see your active and completed courses as well as purchase additional Courses.
  4. How do I get help with my particular technical problem?
    Please contact us.
  5. What are your customer support hours?
    Our customer support hours are Monday through Friday 9 am – 5 pm PST. Reach us here.