Why Us

Why Us

Why Smithline Training?

Built for Practice.

Our Courses are carefully constructed by lawyers with decades of experience. We explain the law, work through real life hypotheticals and provide practice tips so you can implement what you learn immediately in practice.

Two-Step Training Approach

  1. Watch an online Episode.
  2. Join us for a discussion Roundtable.

Proven Experience

Our courses are deeply informed by our instructors’ decades of experience representing some of the finest companies in Silicon Valley.

Open to All

Everyone is welcome. Whether you are an in-house, law firm or solo attorney, or deal with these issues from a procurement, business, or engineering perspective, we think you will find something of interest in our Courses.


Our online Episodes are available whenever and wherever you are.


Downloadable checklists, flowcharts or other Tools are provided with each Episode to help you put what you have learned directly into practice.


Ask questions and share best practices with fellow participants at our online and in-person Roundtables.